Bottomless thanks to those who helped put this thing together.

My parents, who can add this book to the list of things I owe them for.

Lea Sibbel, a reporter for Germany’s top newswire, DPA, and possibly the only person for whom writing this book was more painful than me.

Arin de Hoog, a Canadian/Dutch non-fiction writer and humorist. Arin has a background in radio broadcasting and business journalism and is currently an editor and contributor for EMAJMagazine.

Jonathan Mahoney, who can both dish it and receive it.

Jessie Fetterling, who has the good fortune of working as a writer and editor in San Francisco but the misfortune of knowing me since we were six. She is responsible for most of the grammatical errors that do not appear in the book.

Paul Thompson, a longtime friend, first and foremost, but also an award-winning writer and funnyman.

Jen Janes, an old friend who agreed to share with me her gift of writing.

Book cover designed in collaboration with Gil Coddington (portfolio here).

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