How to start your own paint and sip studio in Gold Coast

How to start your own paint and sip studio in Gold Coast

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Paint and sip Gold Coast workshops teach students how to paint in a relaxed, pleasant environment. They spend some quality time together, bring home a lovely artwork, and, of course, partake in a few drinks.

The first paint and sip Gold Coast companies opened in the early 2000s, and the number of new locations has continued to grow. The trend is sweeping the country, as an increasing number of individuals seek out unique experiences rather than material possessions.

These workshops are ideal for a variety of occasions, making them a lucrative company to invest in.

We’ve included some helpful hints below for those of you seeking to get started in this fascinating, relatively new profession. Prepare to construct your success checklist!

Legal Consequences

Obtaining the necessary permits is always the first step in starting a new physical firm. They are fairly many in the case of paint and sip Gold Coast companies.

To begin, you will require a premises license to conduct business at the location. Additionally, a license to sell alcoholic beverages in your painting studio is necessary. You may always opt for the BYOB model to avoid incurring that expense during the initial phases of your launch.

If you intend to utilize CCTV equipment, you will need a public surveillance license. Additionally, consider things like music, noise, and general neighborhood disruptions — these are frequently associated with another set of needed permits!

Bear in mind that you must comply with all applicable local rules when registering a new firm. They are critical in assisting you in preparing for and avoiding unforeseen situations. Assemble a food and beverage policy that outlines what is and is not permitted.

The Enterprise Model

The majority of paint and sip Gold Coast studios in Europe are self-sufficient due to the high beginning expenses. They frequently take a few of months to reach their full potential. Therefore, those of you looking to stay within their budget should create a company strategy and cash flow forecast. They will assist you in making more secure choices and prudently managing your funds.

Numerous paint and sip Gold Coast businesses continue to be franchised. The following are the top paint and sip businesses for 2020, according to Franchise Chatter: 

  • Painting with a Twist
  • The Palette of Pinot Noir 
  • Wine & Design 
  • Bottle & Bottega

Opening a franchise studio is frequently more than €100,000, however it has been shown to result in a faster return on investment.

Requirements for Location

Once you’ve decided on a business strategy, the next step is to find a suitable location for your paint and sip Gold Coast courses. It should ideally be placed in an area with high pedestrian traffic and easy access to public transportation.

You must ensure that the structure has sufficient room and light to generate an acceptable mood. Naturally, it should adhere to the appropriate building requirements for accommodating large crowds, parties, and noise.

To save money, you might get creative and utilize an appropriate outdoor space or a customized rooftop. While a spacious open-plan location is ideal, if you are teaching small groups, you can always make space sacrifices.

Interior Design and Equipment

After securing the ideal location, you must prepare it for the paint and sip lessons. A counter or table for food, bottles, plates, and personal items should be provided in studios.

Although most companies operate on a BYOB basis, if you intend to sell beverages, having a distinct bar and retail space is critical.

Due to the fact that clients are not need to bring anything, you must offer all essential supplies and equipment. This includes canvas, painting equipment, tripods, protective clothing, and wine glasses, in addition to supplies for cleaning and storage. Invest in high-quality products and tools to provide an outstanding client experience. Visit to read about How to throw a paint and sip party in Gold Coast.

What Exactly Happens in Class?

Classes are often taught by experienced artists or art students who guide attendees through the process of drawing. They’ll cover everything from brush strokes to color mixing and the step-by-step procedure.

You can hire an artist or, if you have the required abilities and expertise, teach the lessons yourself. Employing a student is another win-win method for bringing on a competent professional while saving money on salaries.

Paint and sip Gold Coast sessions often last 2-3 hours, since many breaks are necessary to ensure that attendees do not miss out. Consider purchasing a professional camera to capture the group and their paintings following the workshop.

Making the Switch to Digital

The process of starting a paint and sip business does not finish with the establishment of the physical facility. That is the time to consider your brand vision.

To begin, you will require a logo and a website. Either contact a branding firm or employ a freelancer to create a logo and creatives for you. Utilize an online website builder to save money on web development while maintaining complete control over design and content. We strongly advise you to use WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix. They are all user-friendly and cost-effective options for a starting firm.

Establish a Price List

Now that your firm is getting traction, it’s time to begin cultivating an audience. However, before you begin promoting, you must establish a pricing range for your services. Consider the variety of events you will host, as well as the associated costs (furniture, painting supplies, wages).

Paint and sip courses are excellent for team building activities, parties, personal getaways, and ladies’ night out. With a diverse range of audiences and events, you’ll almost certainly want distinct pricing lists for first-time visitors, families, groups, and regular members. When hosting a private party, charge a separate cost and possibly offer several distinct packages for clients to select from.


At this point, you should have all of the channels and assets necessary to begin marketing your firm online. Bear in mind that the bulk of your target demographics are young women.

Do not immediately dive into sponsored advertising. Begin by marketing services on the front page of your website and on social media. Send frequent e-shots to your subscribers with limited-time offers. Another excellent approach to advertise your business and improve sales is to sell discount coupons on Wowcher and Groupon.

Utilize social media to its full potential, since it is a virtually cost-free form of promotion. Take photographs during and at the conclusion of class and post them on social media. Once your following is established, you can always start a sponsored campaign to boost interaction even more.

Current Owners’ Advice

Similarly, to other activity-based enterprises, paint and beverage industries are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. While owners cannot prevent losses, there are still viable solutions to consider.

You may enroll in online painting lessons and virtually recreate the paint and sip Gold Coast experience. Promote them on social media and sell tickets on your website at a fair price. With the current state of affairs, anyone attempting to escape boredom and tension will undoubtedly be intrigued.


Paint and sip is an interesting business idea that takes little startup capital and generates many revenue streams. You may conduct a number of classes geared for individuals of different ages and backgrounds. Additionally, organizing business events and parties is a highly profitable option.

The business strategy has been demonstrated to be effective — it is up to you to devote some enthusiasm to pursuing it. If you follow each of the recommendations we gave, you will not miss a critical stage in your launch. Because we all know that the most important advice for success is to stick to your strategy.

Finally, owners of paint and sip enterprises have a high level of job satisfaction and work-life balance. Thus, if you conquer the early obstacles, you will find a wonderful work atmosphere and advantages. Due to the industry’s growth, the expansion opportunities are limitless, and you can eventually start your own franchise shortly after beginning.