How to throw a paint and sip party in Gold Coast

How to throw a paint and sip party in Gold Coast

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While Joan (a paint and sip enthusiast) is talented in teaching sip and paint Gold Coast events, she has also developed her abilities to “do” and “teach”. The timing is perfect, since the popularity of crafting courses has risen (think: paint, calligraphy, glass-blowing workshops, and more).

While she may understand the rising popularity of these programs, Joan is confident that it’s due to the fact that “millennials” like learning new skills and having fun in person with friends. She claims, “It’s tons of fun to instruct those who believe they are incapable of painting. I believe it’s great to see that individuals are actively seeking ways to spend more time in the real world doing something they like.

Besides being a digital detox, Joan recognizes the additional benefits of paint and sip Gold Coast lessons, like keeping in touch with past interests and dealing with depression. Painting helps me stay calm, keeps me happy, and inspires me. Fine motor skills allow us to use our hands in a multitude of creative and contemplative ways.

Many different host options are available to appeal to a variety of age groups and levels of extravagantness, but there are certain basic elements to bear in mind while choosing one, according to Joan. This area includes the following: 1) the premises, 2) food and beverages, and 3) the ambiance. Click here to read about How to start your own paint and sip studio in Gold Coast.

Don’t feel bad if you make a mess.

It is important to enjoy making a mess since it is an integral element of the artistic process. Her approach is to start with an area that might wind up messy and to always “use a place that ends up with a bit of a mess in it.”

To prevent paint from turning to unattractive browns, for youngsters, and for beginners, she suggests “pre-taping a striped or basic design on the canvas.”

Some local art supply stores have basic paint brushes, canvases, and acrylics available for purchase, or you can choose to hire a professional artist to assist you in providing the equipment and organizing your class.

Nothing is better than good food.

For a great time, Joan advises bringing food and drinks to the party. Along with her Paint and Sip Gold Coast seminars, she holds regular workshops at maman bakery where people can get together and learn new techniques while enjoying some wine. The variety of paintings that Joan offers in her sessions is what sets them apart from other Paint and Sip Gold Coast programs. She aims to assist students produce paintings that they want to hang on their walls, such abstract seascapes.

While eating a simple snack or attending a potluck helps make painting parties enjoyable and low maintenance for the host, people enjoy being together over food, making these gatherings conducive to great talks.

Minimizing the stress

The quality of the atmosphere is as much, or even more essential than, the presence of supplies and offerings

Joan advises fostering a light, stress-free atmosphere by being purposeful.

Don’t let yourself grow angry with your paintings if they aren’t flawless, Joan cautions. Giving up or getting irritated is a very natural process for me, having been a high school teacher in the past. Conversely, though, if the tone is light, welcoming, and open-minded, everyone may (but is not required to) end up with a picture they are pleased of.

What Happens During the Class?

In most paint and sip Gold Coast classes, art instructors or art students lead discussions and teach attendees how to use drawing materials and methods. They will teach everything from the many types of paint and how to mix them, as well as how to apply the steps of the procedure.

If you have the appropriate abilities and expertise, you can teach lessons yourself or pay an artist to do so. To have a skilled expert aboard and still spend less on pay, we utilize students to help with the work.

A 2-3 hour break every 2-3 hours is a must so that attendants don’t miss out. A good investment would be to acquire a professional camera to snap pictures of the group as they complete their works.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring yourself—not anything else. We’ve got everything covered: paint, canvas, brush, aprons, and we supply a very competent and entertaining artist to help you paint. Arrive at the studio ten to fifteen minutes before your appointment time so you can have a drink and get situated. Wine, beer, soft drinks, and water are available for purchase at our in-studio bar. There are no alcoholic beverages or food or snacks that you cannot bring in. We are BYOB-free. You get to sit anywhere you like; there is no assigned seating.

What should I wear?

A paint and Sip Gold Coast event is a wonderful way to spend an evening! You are advised to dress appropriately, since aprons will be supplied. At our studio, for example, white pants are not an excellent option. White pants would be such a shame, since if you can wear them, you should definitely don them. We don’t use them in our studio. It’s a fact: SPLATTER is certain to happen! We use acrylic paint and acrylic paint adheres to the clothing rather firmly. If you find yourself needing to remove Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover from your neighbourhood convenience store, do so quickly, and work as hard as you can.

Where should one begin?

There are several benefits to hosting a paint and sip Gold Coast party, including the opportunity for attendees to stretch their creative muscles, provide them with the option to choose how luxurious or simple they want their paint party to be, and appeal to all age groups. While also being a fun, creative method to engage people in-person and build meaningful discussions and connections, they are great offline activators.

Even though Joan believes she can organize and execute the party on her own, it’s better to hire an artist to teach the class. That way, the class can reach a higher level and Joan won’t have to worry about logistics.

We want to say thank you to Joan for all of her help and support, and we can’t wait to take up our paintbrushes!