Peking Duck:

The Lost Graduation: Stepping off campus and into a crisis has been waiting to be written: a page-turning memoir of a college grad in the class of ’08 and his search for employment as things go from bad to worse to unbearable. Along the way, he manages to walk us through the calamity of America’s falling employment numbers and lost opportunities, humanizing what at the time seemed like a bundle of meaningless statistics. The never-ending stream of bad economic news is seamlessly woven into the very personal story of Vranicar’s plight. He writes in a funny, self-deprecating style and there are many long laughs along the way.

Swift Economics:

The Lost Graduation is a funny, sobering, and honest look at recessionary graduation. The book can be quite disheartening at times, but the personal anecdotes keep you going as the book ventures into a more positive realm.

Kerrigan College Planning:

One enterprising grad, David Vranicar ‘08, has endeavored to turn his personal batch of life lemons into lemonade by penning a gripping memoir describing his struggles to land on his feet during this difficult era. I believe this is what is called a “primary source” and historians may someday be turning back to this book to better understand the impact of these events on millennials.

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